AeroResource FAT Articles

A number of Mark’s reports from tours to the United States have been published on the popular aviation forum AeroResource.

You can read them, and enjoy additional imagery, at THIS LINK, selecting Mark Forest as author from the menu:

Cherry Point Airshow 2012 (Author Jason Grant, with assistance / contributions from Mark Forest)

Fleet Readiness Center – NAS North Island

MAG 16 – MCAS Miramar

Red Flag Media Day – Nellis AFB

Red Flag 2012 – Nellis AFB

NAS Oceana 2011

2nd MAW 2011

Andrews NAF 2011

Harrier Town 2011

North Island 2011

Miramar 2010

F-22 Edwards 2010

NAS Leemore 2010

Edwards 2010

NASA Dryden 2010

Patuxent River 2008

USCG Elizabeth City 2008