Terms & Conditions

You must read these if making a booking:

It is a requirement that to travel on a Forest Aviation Tour you must obtain private travel insurance and be able to provide proof of a valid insurance policy.

Failure to obtain travel insurance before departure will mean cancellation of your tour seat and all monies paid to date will be retained. (Travel insurance can normally be obtained for approx £25.00 per annum)

Proof of travel insurance must be obtained/supplied no less than 8 weeks prior to departure for North American tours. For European tours that deadline is reduced to 4 week before departure.

USA ESTA forms must be filled in online HERE and are valid for two years with an approx cost of $14.00. Please note that the details you should enter on your ESTA forms will be supplied after confirmation of your booking has been sent out. For visits to Canada, please click HERE.

Your airline name, flight no, departure airport, arrival airport and accommodation address will be supplied once the tour has been confirmed.

Confirmation of your allocated place on the tour will be supplied once your deposit has been paid.

Cancellation Policy – applies to all tours:

Cancellation of a booking up to 40 days prior to departure – 60% refund

Cancellation less than 40 days prior to departure – no refund

**Forest Aviation Tours Ltd reserves the right to cancel

or alter tour arrangements without notice**

On cancellation of an entire tour, a full refund of money paid will be offered or a place on another tour to the value of the money paid. Base visits are subject to cancellation without notice and, until we are actually on base, are never 100% confirmed!

Flight cancellations, delays on flights due to strike action, adverse weather, re-scheduling and mechanical problems all remain the issue of the airline in question, not Forest Aviation Tours, and any complaints should be addressed directly to them.

Whilst on Military airfields you MUST follow the instructions / rules of the tour guide or squadron guide, without question. This includes photography & note taking. Failure to follow our host’s instructions, or any action that brings FAT’s name into disrepute will result in total exclusion from any further tours.


Your deposit is due upon booking……see each individual tour REF for deposit prices

Balance due no later than eight weeks prior to departure

See each individual tour REF for payment details